For Investors - Fix and Flip

The market for flipping homes in Southern California has always been one of the most popular in the nation. While there are almost endless possibilities for finding flip candidates, unless you’re an experienced investor, the process of finding the right candidate home and completing the upgrade project is very stressful and risky.

We offer a better approach – by standing with you throughout the entire cycle of acquisition, planning, upgrade and marketing for sale. Most “investor” real estate agents will help you find a property to flip, but after closing, you’ll never hear from them again until it’s time to sell. We don’t abandon our investors at the most critical state of the project – we will help you screen contractors, help plan the project design to avoid over/under improvement, go with you for materials selection, check in on the project and contractors, and then plan and execute the optimal marketing approach to get the best sales price for the home after the project is over, because we know the home better than any other agent.

Don’t flip homes alone without support – we’ve flipped houses ourselves and know the process, experienced mistakes and successes, and dealt with a variety of contractors and situations. While our fix and flip support is provided outside of the real estate buy or sell contract, you don’t pay extra for this service.