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It's been a great experience working with Steve.

Communication with Steve was easy and thorough throughout the entire process.Starting from the property search, he provided updated listings for me to review and select from.He then verified the properties with regard to my specific needs.He helped with virtue touring of the properties (and even measured the spaces).What Steve did behind-the-scenes to get the necessary paperwork ready for me to review and sign made everything so easy for me.He provided recommendations and initiated and followed up on any necessary negotiations and clarifications with other agents.Steve also helped connect me with Property Insurance brokers to acquire the policy specific to my needs.I couldn't have asked for more; Steve provided me the best of professional help.I will stay in touch with Steve and will definitely work with him again in the future.

Marian Lin

Steve was highly desired wanting to help me to sell the property and he listened to my needs that really lightened my tasks.

The property was sold smoothly and rapidly.

Chen Young

My experience with Steve was awesome, day one he was so.

interested in.what I wanted in.a home and in.the community I want to live in, he researched and found this beautiful brand new home for me and my.3three grandchildren, he I was looking for, he did everything.from his heart. Yes I would refer himFor his expertise in.purchasing real estate.

Rhonda Bohles

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